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Register your vehicle in 3 easy steps

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As a registered user, you have access to all functionalities of mycubbyonline.



Create your unique mycubbyonline user profile. Your profile allows you to upload all your vehicle/s information as well as the relevant administration pertaining to your vehicle’s history. You have the option of making your profile private or public for resellers to contact you directly.



Once you have registered and made the online payment, complete the necessary fields pertaining to your vehicle’s history. Include images, receipts, service history information as well as event participation if applicable. You can register as many vehicles as you like under your own profile.



Once your information has been captured, our friendly support team will check and verify all information

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Hover to reveal the answers to commonly asked questions.

When will my account be active?

Your profile will be activated as soon as we have received your first subscription payment.  We also do auditing on certain details to prevent fake profiles from being created.

What happens to my details when I am no longer a subscriber?

Your details and info are safely encrypted on our database. You will gain access to it once you renew your subscription again. We do however recommend that you maintain a regular updated profile of your vehicle/s to ensure optimum value when you want to sell your vehicle one day.

mycubbyonline will only delete a profile after 3 years of being dormant.

Do I need to create an account for every vehicle I want to load?

Accounts are linked to owners. Thus, as an owner, you may load as many vehicles as possible.

What do I do once I have completed registration?

After you have completed our easy registration process, you will be required to:

  • Pay your annual subscription fee.
  • Upload details of your vehicles.
  • Update vehicles’ service details as soon as a service has been carried out on a vehicle on your account.

Will my car sell easier when I use mycybbyonline?

Buyers will rather purchase a vehicle that has verified details of work done in the past. A complete full-service history will prove that a vehicle has been well maintained and poses less risk than a vehicle with no history.

How secure is my details?

All your details are password-protected, thus don’t share your password with anyone.

How many vehicles may I load per profile?

As a paid subscriber (private user), you are not limited to the number of vehicles that you may load onto your profile.

Can I trust the information and service history of vehicles on this site?

mycubbyonline takes great care to do regular audits on invoices, receipts and photos uploaded to profiles. We have several controls in place to identify high risk situations or profiles.

We have strict anti-fraud policies in place and any user found guilty of fake or fraudulent submissions are reported and blocked immediately.

Still can’t find what you are looking for?

Please contact us at info@mycubbyonline.com with your enquiry and we will assist you further.


Register as a user (owner, buyer, manufacturer or dealership). As a registered user, you will have access to all functionalities of mycubbyonline.  Link all your vehicles to your profile and update each vehicle with every service or repair carried out.


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